Cyber Monday Knives Deals

Yes. We’re jumping into the excitement that is Cyber Monday. For this year, we’d like to focus on some pocket knives that need to find good homes.

Cyber Monday dealsWe sell a LOT of knives in our stores, but we also sell a fair amount of knives online. Thanks to google, people who are searching for specific models of knives are able to find them in our online store. We sell Case Knives, Buck Knives, Kershaw Knives, Leatherman Tools,  SOG Knives and several other brands.

Because of our huge inventory of knives, we’ve accumulated a large number of “display models” that were used either in our stores or taken to trade shows and put on display. These do not have boxes or paperwork, but most are in near perfect condition.

For Cyber Monday, we’re putting these knives up for sale. For the knife collector who knows what they’re looking for, they’ll know these are great deals.

Visit our EBAY store and jump on these deals. They’re great knives at great prices and they won’t last long.

Click here to check out the knives on our EBAY store.

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