How to Deal with the Worst Night in Atlanta Sports History

I just heard last night referred to as “The worst night in Atlanta Sports History.” Ouch

The Falcons losing on Monday Night football to the Jets and the Braves getting bounced from the playoffs by the Dodgers really does sting this morning.

So what are you gonna do to get over it?

Let me suggest a few things around the house that you’ve probably neglected these past few weeks. Take that anger and dismay and apply yourself to get a few projects done!

  • Fescue! Time to overseed. You gotta do it NOW if you’re gonna do it at all this year. Don’t delay. The window is closing on you.
  • If you’ve got bermuda or Zoysia, you should be putting down some weed preventor to control winter weeds like chickweed and bluegrass. Can we suggest Howard Seed and Fertilizer?
  • How about get your flowerbeds in order with some fall pansies. Do you need a mini-tiller to make that work go quicker?
  • Get ready for your last cut of the year on your lawn. And prepare to winterize your equipment correctly.
  • Paint! You probably have family coming for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. Is there any interior (or exterior) painting that you need to get taken care of now?
  • How’s your insulation looking? Do you have any pipes that are near exterior walls that could be insulated with simple pipe insulation. You could grab a water heater blanket and seal out cold air which will result in energy savings and protection against freeze.

Even days like today are great days to get started and complete projects around your home. If you have any questions, visit one of our locations and we’ll be sure to get you what you need to get the job done right.


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