December 2017 Bargains of the Month

We are excited to bring to you December’s Bargains of the Month! We know you all are busy out doing Christmas shopping and it can get quite pricey. That’s why we want to make sure we informed you of all these great savings on items you might actually need for yourself!

Carbide- Tipped Circular Saw Blades  

For all the crafty individuals and DIY-ers, having a saw blade will come in handy! Whether you’re building a new table or a tree house for the kids, you’ll need reasonably priced saw blades for the job.

Product Description:

  • Product Weight (pounds): 0.58
  • Package dimensions (inches)
  • Length: 0.2
  • Width: 0.18
  • Height: 0.2
  • Hazmat: No
  • Country of Origin: CN

These are usually priced at $5.49 a blade but this month you can have 2 for just 9.99.


2pc 25ft. Measuring Tape

No project is accurate without measuring tape handy. The new year is closer than ever, maybe it’s time to finally take on some new home improvement projects! We’re running a special on tape measures only for December and you’ll be able to buy 2 for only 14.97.

Milwaukee® Magnetic Tape Measures Are Nothing But Heavy Duty®, Using Nylon Bond Blade Protection And A 5-Point Reinforced Frame, They Offer The Longest Life By Resisting Contamination Wear And Increasing Protection When Dropped, To Increase Productivity On The Jobsite, Milwaukee® Magnetic Tapes Feature Double Sided Printing With Blue Print Scale For Easy Reading And Transferring Of Measurements, Additional Innovative Feature Is The Finger Stop, Which Protects Your Finger When The Blade Retracts.



  • Nylon Bond Blade Protection
  • 5-Point Reinforced Frame
  • Magnetic Hook
  • Finger Stop
  • Double Sided Printing




16 pk AA or AAA Batteries/ 8pk C or D Batteries or 4pk 9v Batteries

Keep those holiday gifts running with these must-haves. Choose Energizer batteries in 16-packs of AA or AAA, 8-packs of C or D, or 9V 4-packs. If you can’t remember the last time you bought batteries, chances are it’s been so long that you either don’t have spares or the ones you do have are expired. No worries, we’ve got you covered with December Bargains of the Month. You can either get the 16 pack for $11.99 or the 8 pack for $12.99. Whichever you choose you’re saving from the original price of $8.99 and $9.99. New Energizer technology allow the batteries to stay fresh in the package for 10 years so you are covered!


1500W Infrared Quartz Heater  

With this Georgia weather, you never know what you’ll get. One thing is for sure, when it gets cold, it can get pretty cold. Don’t get caught in the cold without an Infrared Heater!


Konwin, 1500W, 4 Tube Infrared Quartz Heater, Black Plastic Cabinet & Castors, Thermostat Control System, Timer, 3 Settings (1500W, 750W, and Eco), Safety Tip Over Switch & Overheating Protections, LED Display & Remote Control, Removable Filter.



  • Product Weight (pounds): 13.9
  • Package dimensions (inches)
  • Length: 11.42
  • Width: 14.45
  • Height: 14.84
  • Hazmat: No
  • Country of Origin: CN





Flood LED Head Lamp

Light this way to savings. Get both the LED head lamp with high and low settings, plus red night vision. And the adjustable LED flashlight. Just twist for spot or flood beam. This will come in handy for any emergency situation or can be used for a fun family camping trip! Be sure to take advantage of this special.

Product Description: PS400, Polysteel Flashlight, Patented LED Light Technology Enclosed In A Stainless Steel Core, Fully Wrapped In A Molded, Fiberglass Nylon Casing, Focus Beam, Twist For Spot Or Flood Beam, Advanced Focus System, High Intensity White Beam, Weatherproof, Drop Proof, Crush Proof, Corrosion Resistant Polymer Casing, Rear Power Switch, 300 Lumens, Bulls Eye Spot Up To 767′ & Ultra View Flood Beam Up To 11-1/2′ Diameter At A Distances Of 6′, 2 Hours Run Time, Uses 4 “AAA” Batteries, Not Included

Product Description: FL65 Flood Headlamp. Has Wide Angle Flood Beam For Illuminating Large Areas With It’s Ultra Wide Circular Beam, Button On The Front Of The Headlamp Allows The User To Swiftly Change Between High, Medium & Low Light Outputs, Switch Quickly To A Fixed Red LED Light To Preserve Night Vision, IPX4 Weather Proof Rating & Safety Reflective Strap, Three “AA” Batteries Included, High 300 Lumens, Low 39 Lumens, Beam Distance High 29 Meters 95′ Low 10 Meters 32′, Runtime High – 2 Hours 45 Minutes & Low 22 Hours.


6pk. Big Roll Paper Towels

The holidays are perfect for family gatherings. But no gathering is complete without paper towels to help clean up the mess.

Clean up with these great prices on paper essentials. Stock up on 6 big rolls of Bounty paper towels and Charmin Ultra-Strong bath tissue.

Product Description: 24 regular roll, Charmin ultra strong bath tissue, 2 ply, product upgrade, cleans so well you can use less.


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