Does Rand Paul Prefer Makita Chainsaws?

We don’t generally get political here… but have you seen the latest campaign stunt from Rand Paul?

Rand has long talked about wanting to abolish/change the tax code in the United States. Guess someone told him he should make a video that could hopefully go viral of him visibly and physically destroying the tax code.

By the way… that tax code. Not good for Small Businesses who help built and direct this nation. We do agree that it needs to be dealt with!

But wait… was that a Makita Chainsaw?

Rand Paul Killing Tax Code with Makita Chainsaw
Rand Paul Killing Tax Code with Makita Chainsaw

Yes. Apparently it was.

While we are a huge Makita power equipment dealer and actually sell a handful of Makita gas powered tools… Come on Rand. Everyone knows if you need a chainsaw, STIHL is the way to go. More politicians should go see what STIHL is doing in Virginia Beach regarding manufacturing in the United States. They could help bring manufacturing business back to the US if they highlighted companies like STIHL.

It’s funny. CNN decided to ask some lumberjacks what they thought of Rand’s skills with the saw.

In all reality, Rand’s team probably just rented the Makita when they got the tow behind chipper too.

And we are all in agreement that it would be incredible to see Trump handle a chainsaw. That would be pay per view worthy.


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