The Mythical Double Male Electrical Plug

We’re pretty confident that in most repair cases and home projects, we have what you need. We can help you navigate the aisles and get you in and out so that you’re back to your project with a gameplan to success. Occasionally, we get stumped, but not too often. we have people who have been “hardwarians” in their department for many years and often have real world expert experience whether it be plumbing, lawn and garden, paint or electricity.

This time of year, we will send people away who think that we don’t know what we’re talking about… but we do.

Double Male Electrical Adapter PlugIt’s funny that I just saw Dave with Dave’s Ace in Milton and Evansville, Wisconsin post to facebook a picture of the infamous double male electrical plug. Why is it funny, because I fielded my first request for this mythical electrical adapter yesterday while on the floor.

Dave says it best:

If you hang your Christmas lights backwards (with the male plug on the wrong end), don’t try to buy an item like this. It’s not available. Every year we get several people looking for an easy way to correct this type of problem. Take it from me….. think about how you’ll plug in your lights BEFORE you string them. 🙂

This is so true. No matter how frustrating it may be, DO NOT attempt to make this adapter. You will end up having a live wire somewhere down the line and that is a death wish waiting to happen.

By the way, Dave’s has a authorized repair center for Mosquito Magnets. They apparently repaired over 500 in one year! That’s impressive. Thanks for the laugh, Dave  about the double male adapter.

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  1. Mary Kay Woodworth

    John and Doug – I’m not sure who writes your blog, but I just love it! Good job.

    Mary Kay Woodworth
    Executive Director, Georgia Urban Ag Council

    Looking forward to seeing you at the 2012 EDGE Expo on December 5! http://www.edge-expo.com

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