Echo Outdoor Power Equipment and the TSA

I’ve seen my share of people trying to carry crazy items on an airplane. The two weirdest (one of them just being flat out gross) things that I ever saw being carried through security and on an airplane were equally odd. I once saw a guy carrying a trophy that was about 6 feet tall. I kid you not. I have no idea how he stowed it. It’s difficult not to notice the dude with the 6 foot trophy.

The second odd item was actually fingernails that were still attached to the lady. Do you know what I mean? These things were the size of an NBA regulation sized basketball. I can not imagine having to sit next to that for a 4 hour flight!

But have you seen the Echo TSA Chainsaw TV Commercial yet?

I guess this has been out since the first of the year, but I just happened to catch it the other night. Since I used to go through a lot of awkward moments at some of our countries finest airports, I found it quite humorous that he’s carrying on a chainsaw. I always got nervous when having to carry a projector through security.

I do like Echo’s description of the video on youtube. It contains this disclaimer:

Disclaimer: Taking a chainsaw, especially if it is running, into an airport is not advisable. Check with your airline before beginning to hope you can hold your chainsaw close as a carry-on in flight.


What is the oddest thing you ever saw go through airport security?

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