There is an interesting level of excitement down on the sales floor at Duluth about the EdenPURE Gen4 Heater. They’ve been highly recommended by Bob Vila and others online and on TV.  These heaters have been around for a few years and have received a lot of feedback about them. Both Positive and Negative.

Our own Bill Angel is a huge fan of the heaters. He’s purchased several of them and feels that they have reduced his overall heating bill and praises their safety features and aesthetic look.

Let’s take a look at the Heater.

OK. I admit. The testimonials are horrible. They are so scripted and not authentic. The video editing on these are frankly horrible. I kinda got nervous about promoting them. So I reached out to several folks I know who are selling the heaters and asked their opinions on them.


I spoke with David Warren from Dave’s Ace in Milton Wisconsin about the heaters. Let’s face it. We’re in Metro Atlanta. Even our Oakwood, Georgia store that draws some customers from the North Georgia Mountains are not looking at temperatures like Dave’s customers in Wisconsin gets. We may say that Duluth and Doraville have had cold nights recently… our low temps are nothing.

Dave told me, “If you understand that it is a high quality 1500W heater and nothing more, you’ll be very happy with your purchase. If you believe the hype of an overzealous salesperson who claims you can heat your entire home for a dollar a day, you’ll be disappointed. When we sell them, we explain that the way to save money is to reduce the temperature in your whole house and to use the EdenPure strictly to heat a single room.”

I spoke with Jason Clark, the hardware manager here in Duluth, and he agrees with Dave’s insight. Jason told me that we’ve had success selling the heaters, because our folks do their diligence educating the customer on the product. “Assuming you have adequate insulation and weatherproofing, we emphasize a zone heating strategy as a way to reduce your heating bills.” says Jason, “The EdenPure is an effective product that is safe and looks nice. It can hide in the room without being an eye sore, and your kids and pets can be safe around it.”

If you are interested in learning more about the heaters, we invite you to come in and we’ll be happy to tell you more about them. The EdenPure Generation 4 Infrared Heater is an item that is stocked by True Value, but in the past few years, they’ve sold out quickly. You can check out more about the Gen 4 on True Value’s Website and then contact us to reserve you one.