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There is an interesting level of excitement down on the sales floor at Duluth about the EdenPURE Gen4 Heater. They’ve been highly recommended by Bob Vila and others online and on TV.  These heaters have been around for a few years and have received a lot of feedback about them. Both Positive and Negative.

Our own Bill Angel is a huge fan of the heaters. He’s purchased several of them and feels that they have reduced his overall heating bill and praises their safety features and aesthetic look.

Let’s take a look at the Heater.

OK. I admit. The testimonials are horrible. They are so scripted and not authentic. The video editing on these are frankly horrible. I kinda got nervous about promoting them. So I reached out to several folks I know who are selling the heaters and asked their opinions on them.


I spoke with David Warren from Dave’s Ace in Milton Wisconsin about the heaters. Let’s face it. We’re in Metro Atlanta. Even our Oakwood, Georgia store that draws some customers from the North Georgia Mountains are not looking at temperatures like Dave’s customers in Wisconsin gets. We may say that Duluth and Doraville have had cold nights recently… our low temps are nothing.

Dave told me, “If you understand that it is a high quality 1500W heater and nothing more, you’ll be very happy with your purchase. If you believe the hype of an overzealous salesperson who claims you can heat your entire home for a dollar a day, you’ll be disappointed. When we sell them, we explain that the way to save money is to reduce the temperature in your whole house and to use the EdenPure strictly to heat a single room.”

I spoke with Jason Clark, the hardware manager here in Duluth, and he agrees with Dave’s insight. Jason told me that we’ve had success selling the heaters, because our folks do their diligence educating the customer on the product. “Assuming you have adequate insulation and weatherproofing, we emphasize a zone heating strategy as a way to reduce your heating bills.” says Jason, “The EdenPure is an effective product that is safe and looks nice. It can hide in the room without being an eye sore, and your kids and pets can be safe around it.”

If you are interested in learning more about the heaters, we invite you to come in and we’ll be happy to tell you more about them. The EdenPure Generation 4 Infrared Heater is an item that is stocked by True Value, but in the past few years, they’ve sold out quickly. You can check out more about the Gen 4 on True Value’s Website and then contact us to reserve you one.

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  1. These heaters work, but they are terribly overpriced. They are from a direct marketing company. Their history includes the use of direct marketing materials that were laughable and near-lies. I avoid shopping at stores that sell EdenPure heaters.

    1. Hi Tom

      Appreciate your thoughts. I have to agree with your thoughts on the marketing materials. They are horrible. The videos and brochures are poorly done, however the heater itself doesn’t reflect the same quality. The higher price does reflect some of the features that you generally do not see in other heaters. We have sold several this season in the store to different folks who have done their research and believe it to be worth the investment. Most folks come in asking for the heater instead of us selling it to to them.

      While you say that you avoid stores that sell eden-pure heaters, I hope that you give us a try anyway. One product does not define us 🙂

  2. Andy,

    I appreciate your comments, thanks. I get agitated whenever I see EdenPure, because I did a lot of research on them in the past few years in order to keep a relative from falling victim to the direct marketing materials that seemed especially tailored to prey on the elderly. Descriptions of the near-mystical properties of “cured copper,” misleading claims, descriptions of performance that seemed to defy the laws of physics, along with celebrity endorsements, were very effective in selling electric heaters priced sky-high. The units even required expensive bulb replacements. So when I see EdenPure being made available to customers, I lose confidence in the store. There are other products that can do the same job at a fraction of the cost, even though EdenPure prices have come down.

    Here are a couple of links that describe the negative side of the EdenPure products:




    1. I did a fair amount of digging before I posted the article (and honestly expected some negative comments to follow it.) I had seen the links that you posted as well as some other videos from people who had tested the product.

      Our Hardware team does not try to mislead that this heater “can heat your entire house for $1 per day” or some of the other crazy claims that I have seen. It is safe and relatively attractive. We purchase the heaters through True Value Hardware and have sold them for the last two years. We actually have them running in our stores just so people can see the finish, hear and feel the fan, and touch the surface of the heaters to get a good feel for how they would act in their home. I honestly can’t see why anyone would want to purchase something like this online or from tv without kicking the tires a little on it.

      Thanks for the interaction. That’s what I hope doing this blog will accomplish. We try to be transparent and encourage discussion on it.

      Stay Warm.

  3. I’m very upset with the Eden Pure company. We purchased one last winter and it was great until 10 seconds after I plugged it into the wall and heard a pop and crackle.My wall was smoking.I contacted the company and after receiving the necessary paperwork and return order I returned it,but not until I took pictures of the wall,the melted plug broke off into the outlet and the melted cord.I was told I would recieve a new unit,which I did.I was also told that the fire was my fault for not cleaning the filter.Well,the filter was clean,and besides we had only used it for 2 1/2months.We recieved the unit early spring and did not use the unit.It sat under an end table in the living room until 1 week ago when we plugged it into the wall.All was well for several day.Then when I went to unplug it to go to bed I noticed the outlet holes were black on one side and the cord was very hot.I looked at the plug and it had begun to melt just like the one I had prior.I CAUGHT IT IN TIME BEFORE THE OTHER WALL IN MY LIVING ROOM CAUGHT FIRE! I used to recommend the unit to everyone,now I tell them to stay away from purchasing one.That is if they want a home to live in.

    1. Hi Ginger

      That’s horrible to hear. I hope that EdenPure does take care of you and are investigating why that happened to you. Have you had any other heaters in that room before? It sounds to me like the outlets aren’t handling the load. Have you had an electrician check it out?

  4. tom, i believe if you were to purchase a unit from a store like andy’s the bulb replacement would be covered under warranty as long as you have your receipt. the heaters are not meant to be used as a sole source of heat. you’re supposed to turn down your existing heating system and use the heater along with your main source of heat. the heaters are supposed to be on it’s own seperate circuit and plugged into a grounded outlet. their customer service can answer questons-1-800-839-0966

    1. Thanks Jamie. Can you believe we had someone actually ask us when we were placing our order this year last week. The same week we had 106 temps in atlanta.

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