Elvis the Crocodile 1, Landscaper 0

Did you hear about the 1100 pound Australian Crocodile named Elvis who appears to have a high opinion about the brand of lawnmower that is used to cut the grass around his pond in the enclosure at the Australian Reptile Park?

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Let’s just pretend that he really doesn’t like whatever this blue machine is. He wants his landscaping crew to use a mower that will hold up to the demands of his grassy area. He wants them to use a more durable machine, but he also wants the machine to give a professional trim and finish that his grass deserves.

He definitely doesn’t want to risk the chance that an inferior mower will fail to mulch and bag the grass clippings. If this blue machine doesn’t do its job right, there may be grass clippings in his pond. And that would be unacceptable.

So what does he do? He takes matters into his own hands mouth and decides to make a statement. You can forget about ethanol problems this mower may have, because he decides to just add straight water to the engine thus ending its life.

OK, so to be fair, he’d probably go after any brand of mower… but maybe… just maybe he prefers a lawnmower with a better reputation. Perhaps he wants the crew to use an Exmark Commercial 21-S Series Mower?

One thing that is sure, he didn’t mind the crew using that STIHL string trimmer that is in the background. There was no need to ruin that fine piece of equipment.

Full Article: http://news.yahoo.com/cranky-croc-steals-aussie-zoo-workers-lawn-mower-040143056.html

Photos by (AP Photo/Libby Bain)


Hey Landscaper, how would you go about bidding on that maintenance job?


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