EnviroColor for Pinestraw and Mulch

Sometimes in retail it takes time for a product to catch the excitement of a customer base, but when it does, word of mouth spreads so quickly that it is hard to keep the product on the shelves. We’ve been selling EnviroColor for a little over a year now, and folks are coming in really pleased with the results that it gives them.

EnviroColor provides a new solution for a common problem. We go to the time, expense and effort to add nicely colored mulches or pinestraw to our landscapes only to have the sun, rain and decomposition destroy our hard work. What may have been a clean and gorgeous island or bed soon looks grey and old. Most folks would tear out the old and add new pinestraw or mulch back or they’d at the very least top dress the mulch or pinestraw to make it look better. EnviroColor came up with a better way to bring the color back.

Got Gray Mulch?

EnviroColor developed a water based colorant that can be used to “top spray” the old graying mulch. The chemicals are non-toxic and safe around people, animals and plants. You simply choose one of 5 pleasing colors and use a pump sprayer to apply. It will slow natural decomposition, so it actually will make the material last longer than it would without the spray. It retains the color for up to a year and is natural looking at the same time.

Check out some of the videos that EnviroColor has created and if you’d like to see some great before/after shots check out their website too. We’re going to be working on getting some of our own videos and photos that some of our EnviroColor customers have made. We’ve seen the before and after shots and it is amazing.

By the way, EnviroColor is a local company. Did you know that? Just another way that we’re supporting local businesses. Have you gone local yet?


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