More Ethanol Dangers for Small Engines

In The Possible Case We Could Sound Like A Broken Record…

Yes, we’ve talked A LOT about ethanol in fuel. But it’s been a while

I reminder-279903_960_720can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it in 2016! Time for another friendly reminder from your neighborhood power equipment experts.

Out in Oklahoma it was discovered that Magellan Midstream Partners distributed thousands of gallons of Gasoline that were lethally mixed with ethanol; the concentration was pushing 30%+. At first it wasn’t noticed, but once customers came and bought it, it became very clear.

Even with large 4-Stroke, Four to Eight-Cylinder Engines, the stress of excessive Ethanol effectively immobilized some cars and damaged others. Across different News Stations there were different victims to this fuel fiasco with different problems that would occur. However, they all left with a bad day; that was one commonality.

Magellan is working to take claims from the recalled fuel and working to make up for it, but the amount of money involved in reparations is something I don’t even want to think of.

Now, we don’t expect the patrons of the Gas Stations to know exactly what they put into the tank of their vehicle to a molecular level, but it should be noted the amount of destruction that happened in Oklahoma just by accident. If it were smaller engines – like all of the ones we sell – I don’t believe there would be a single one running. The smaller engines aren’t built with heavy-duty cooling systems like radiators and fans, and the high heat generated just turns seals and gaskets into mush.

From using up your gas quicker to buying Ethanol-Free fuel in-store or at the pump, you can significantly affect the lifetime of your engine.

All we ask is be careful. We care.

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