Ethanol Educational Video and Ethanol Shield Video

Brian O’Neil, Chief Business Development Officer with B3C Fuel Solutions, recently talked about Fuel Solutions for Today’s Modern Fuels at a Howard Brothers Business Partner Luncheon for Commercial Landscape Professionals.

He first educates on the current state of fuel and how ethanol is affecting the fuel, then discusses possible solutions to help you develop a healthy fuel hygiene.

It is a long video, but worth it for the information.

This is just the first of several videos that we’ll be posting over the next few weeks. We do stock the Ethanol Shield, Mechanic in a Bottle and the Diesel Mechanic in a Bottle.

Are you educating yourself enough to develop a good fuel hygiene

2 thoughts on “Ethanol Educational Video and Ethanol Shield Video”

  1. REEL classic horticulture

    Great job HOWARD’S…
    This is a very important and very true video.
    Thanks for helping our industry stay profitable through proper maintenance.

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