Exmark Dream YardsWe love content that educates folks how to create their dream yards... and we love Exmark Mowers. So when those two worlds collide, we HAVE to share it!

Exmark recently unveiled a website called https://backyard.exmark.com/

It's full of how-to videos from around Exmark Nation. The concept it this:

Whether you’re dreaming of a yard built around a decked-out cooking area, peaceful water garden or pet-friendly haven, this series will provide the inspiration and know-how to transform your outdoor living space!

And here's a fun fact, Two of the videos are from Metro Atlantans.

The first is a homeowner in Buford. With two and a half acres to mow, Gigi Maughon relies on her Exmark Lazer Z (named Blaze) to keep the lawns manicured in half the time it took on a lawn tractor.

The second video is also from Buford. The DeGoeys, Tom and Amy, have created an amazing outdoor environment to fit their love of all things sports. One of our Pro Landscapers,  Casey Gibson and his team at ProScape Land Management  take care of the DeGoey's property.

There's some great footage in it of Exmarks being used to maintain the property.

If you've got a big dream for your yard, let us know how we can help. Using professional grade equipment can save you time and make your dreams into reality.

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