Exmark RED Technology. What is it?


Our customers are incredible. Thanks to online resources and even some print publications, our customers are more educated and more knowledgable about our products than ever before. There has been a lot of interest in the RED technology and Electronic Fuel Injection that is built into the Exmark Lazer X-Series mowers. Check out this video.


EFI with E-Gov and RED takes Exmark mowers to a new level. Electronic Fuel Injection with electronic governor and Exmark’s exclusive, new RED on-board intelligence platform debut on 2013 Lazer X-Series mowers powered by Kohler EFI engines. Mechanical governors use a spring that’s slow to respond to engine loads. To compensate, operators typically run engines at high RPM to maintain blade speed regardless of load, which increases fuel consumption and engine wear. EFI with E-Gov basically eliminates governor droop, maintaining engine RPM and blade speed under varying conditions. This improves fuel efficiency up to 25% without reducing cut quality.

Fuel efficiency is so important to our commecial landscape customers and Exmark has done a great job addressing this concern.

But there are other great features that are made possible with the RED technology.

  • System Monitoring Red tracks engine temperature and oil pressure. It places the machine in “safe transport” mode when critical thresholds are exceeded—allowing safe return for servicing.
  • Clutch Saver Clutch life is extended by engaging at 2750 RPM and disengaging at 2500 RPM, regardless of throttle position. This improves operator efficiency by enabling “on the fly” PTO engage/disengagement.
RED Onboard Intelligence from Exmark
RED Onboard Intelligence from Exmark
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