Father's Day Leatherman Gift Finder

This is a very neat app that Leatherman put together on their Facebook page for Father’s Day. It is a quiz that will result in the perfect Leatherman for the dad in your life. (Hint… it also serves as a great place for you dads to drop hints to your kids and wives… well, wife. Hopefully there is only one.)

It is actually a pretty creative quiz. You should check it out if only to read through the questions and figure out what the perfect Leatherman for YOU is.

We think that every man should have a Leatherman tool. He should carry it around with him and be prepared for any task that needs a tool. You can get a lot done or fixed with a Leatherman.

We stock a HUGE selection of Leatherman tools at our stores in Duluth, Doraville and Oakwood. So when you get to the part of the quiz results that tells you to “choose a retailer” Think SMALL. Think LOCAL. Think HOWARDS!

Take the following quiz and then come into one of our stores to get that perfect gift that dad wants.

Leatherman Father's Day Gift Finder
Leatherman Father’s Day Gift Finder

By the way, my perfect Leatherman… was the Rebar. Anyone want to get me one?

Leatherman Rebar
Leatherman Rebar
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