Fertilize Your Lawn Now?

This past Saturday was gorgeous. We had a really good day in the stores as many people came in to get items needed for working out in their yards and gardens. We sold seeds, plants, tools, soil, fertilizer, pots, power equipment, water hose…

A question we heard over and over on Saturday was “Is it still OK for me to put out weed and feed?”

The answer is yes. 

That being said, you need to understand that the BEST time for planting fescue is fall and the best time for stopping weeds is early spring, but a healthy lawn really requires a year round plan. This is going to be the topic of our April Newsletter that comes out on Monday April 2. If you’re not signed up for our monthly e-newsletter, you should do that right now.

Let me get you in on key takeaway of that newsletter… It is OK to start your annual lawn maintenance plan at any time. Right now there is late spring weed and feed that you should be putting out. You can put this on both warm and cool season grasses (fescue and bermuda.) Now you may be thinking that the first day of spring was just last week, why would late spring fertilizer be the product to use now? Well, there is some validity to that, but because of the abnormally warm temperatures that we’ve been experiencing in the Atlanta area, some of the weeds are already germinating.

Will you see immediate results? Will this mean that on the day after you apply the weed and feed, that you will have a lush green lawn with no weeds? Absolutely not. What it does mean, is that you have started your schedule and are on your way to that lawn you always wanted.

Step one is getting an education about what you should do. Our newsletter will definitely give you the information you need. A healthy lawn with a good annual maintenance schedule may involve seeding, aerating, de-thatching, sanding, cutting, fertilizing, and more. Different products that you can apply with your spreader will include early and late spring fertilizers, a summer fertilizer that helps protect against drought, winterizers and root builders.

Check out this video that True Value created. It is very high level, but is helpful in explaining some of the differences between various fertilizers and how the application occurs.

Come in and see us with any questions you may have. Our hardware and equipment folks can answer those questions you have.

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