Gear Up 2018 Wednesday February 28th

Spring is coming in a hurry. That means that Atlanta and North Georgia’s grass is going to be greening up soon. Already we’re beginning to see many landscapers come through our doors and check out new product selection. They’re getting their hands on the new mowers and 2 cycle equipment which will be generating money for them in 2018.

We’ve bumped our GearUp sale up to February 28th this year. It’s a few weeks sooner than we have done in the recent past, but we believe it will be a huge year for our customers as many have expressed the need to update equipment and add additional crews.

Pricing on New Equipment

We aren’t kidding when we say that the best prices of the year are only available on 2/28/18. These are prices that often can not be advertised online or on a postcard or on social media. Know that we set pricing that we feel is the best around. In addition to Manufacturers Rebates and Howard Brothers Only Rebates… you’re gonna be happy with the price of your new equipment!

Discount Pricing on Parts

While we do have some HOT BUY pricing specials on some specific parts (see reasons #3 through #6) ALL of our parts are 20% off on that day only. We will have landscape companies bring in a list of their highly used parts and purchase enough for the season or at least for several months. Any part you need… 20% off.

Edger Blades for 89 cents

Need we say more. Other than gasoline, there’s maybe nothing more ‘consumable’ in the landscaping industry than edger blades. On February 28th, you can get them for .89/each with no minimum quantities

Lawn Mower Blades for $9.99

Other competition have their specials on blades specify, “as low as, or From” but all of our mower blades are on sale for $9.99. Need a Blade that is normally $30 or $40… yeah, it’s on sale for $9.99. No Minimums!

2.5 gallon Oil Mix Case Price for $69.99

Get a case of STIHL 2 cycle gas oil mix for $69.99. 48 bottles to a case. There is a limit on this… 5 cases per customer only please.

Walker Mower – $250 Instant Rebate

This one is a Howard Brothers Only Special… If you purchase a Walker Mower, we’re gonna give you $250 towards the purchase of any STIHL or ECHO equipment the same day.

Glyphosate – Best Price of the Year

You have weeds… if not now, you will. Weed Killer/RoundUp will not be cheaper than it will be on March 1st. Get some for the season. 2.5 Gallon containers = $44.88 and 30 gallon drum = $438.88.

Manufacturer Representatives

Each of our stores will have representatives from our manufacturers on hand for you to ask questions, kick tires, help provide demo opportunities (Hey… if nothing else, ask them for free stuff. Surely they have something in their truck they’ll give you. Let us know what you’re able to get off of them!)

New Products available

Howard Brothers is always on the cutting edge of new technology and equipment for our customers and for the landscaping industry. Come by and check out some of the new products that we’re starting to sell and will make your workday easier.

Food and a Shirt

We’ve been feeding people for every Pro Day / Sales Event from the beginning. Come and grab a chicken sandwich or two during lunch. Come early and grab a donut. Come late and take home dinner for your family. We like to eat. We may as well break bread together on February 28th. Regarding the shirts…OK, I get it. We all have WAY too many shirts that we will never wear, but we have a special shirt for this event that we’ll be giving away. Get in early and pick up a shirt. Wear if forever.

Ask about Zero Down Time

Does your equipment take sick days? Probably so. Something breaks. Something’s just not right. That something is going to keep you from making money while you get it fixed. You know that our shops are crazy busy during the heat of the season. With our Zero Down Time program, you’ll have brand new equipment available, if needed, while your equipment is being repaired in our shops. Ask one of our sales reps for information and make sure that you make it a part of your 2018 resolutions!

Now is the best time to Gear Up for Spring!

Get your list of what you need, in fact, come on in early if you want us to start a list for you. We may not be able to give you the deals early, but we can be prepared so that we CAN run the sale quickly on the 28th.

Let us know in the comments below that you’re coming. Share with your friends about Gear Up 2018.

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