Gear Up 2024 Wednesday March 6th

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Our Gear Up sale day has been set for 2024. Join us Wednesday, March 6th for our best sales of the year! The top commercial landscape companies in Atlanta and North Georgia come to Howard Brothers’ stores to shop. They trust us with reliable products and great service while they help us keep Georgia Green! So, get ready to come into the stores on our biggest sale day and save your hard-earned money with the best in the businesses shopping right along with you.


Sales For Our Stores


Whether it is a new walk-behind or zero turn mower, or you need some new trimmers, edgers and back pack blowers, GearUp is the best day to get those items. If you need a piece of equipment for 2024 don't delay. We'll have sales staff and manufacturer reps on hand at all our stores to help you with your purchase needs. Our sales team is ready today to work with you on your needs. Replace a few items, add a crew, or update your entire fleet, this is the time and sale to get those things started!   


Parts Sale

This is the sale to get your blades, parts, and trimmer line at a great price. These are the items that go the quickest for everyone’s lawn equipment. Understandably too! Well, for our 2024 Gear Up, these items and many of our other parts are on sale. We want you to get stocked up on the essentials that help your spring season start strong!

Equipment Sale

Along with the parts and essentials to keep your work going, we will be having sale pricing happening on some of the equipment at our stores too. If you want to start your own fleet, upgrading to a bigger Zero Turn deck, expanding, or simply in need of a reliable machine, Gear Up is the day to go shopping! Come in and look at what we have available and talk with our sales teams. They can answer any question you might have before Gear Up is here!

Hardware Sale

While your machines get parts and new blades, don’t forget about the rest of the tools you will need. Our stores have hardware items discounted too. There will be savings on Corona Tools, landscaping tools, lawn chemicals, and more! Check in with our Hardware team to put together an order.


More Gear Up Information


Food and a Shirt

We’ve been feeding people for every Pro Day/Sale Event from the beginning. And generally, with the food you’ve seen the Howard Brothers Event T-shirts around. We’ll have them both for you all this year too! Come and grab a chicken sandwich or two during lunch. Come early and grab a donut in the morning. We like to eat. We may as well break bread together on March 6th. While you’re grabbing a bite to eat, be sure to grab this year’s Gear Up T-shirt.

Financing Specialists

In the past years, we know that there have been some headaches when it comes to trying to run credit applications and needs on the sale day. Unfortunately, financing options have become more and more complicated, and each has its own unique requirements. If you are waiting to purchase equipment on our sale day and feel like a financing plan will be needed, there is a way to help ease the headaches a little. You can come in before the day of the sale and talk with one of our sales associates. They can help figure out a plan to help get you ready for Gear Up. Whether that be starting the application process now or getting a ticket ready for you to review on sale day.



Now is the best time to Gear Up for Spring!

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