The biggest question that we’ve been talking about around the stores is, “What is the weather gonna do?” Are we gonna have any more ice or snow before spring? What does El Nino really mean for us in 2016.

One thing for sure here in Atlanta and North Georgia…

  • Spring and Summer will come.
  • Grass will grow.
  • Landscape Professionals will be needed to make and keep Atlanta Beautiful!

How’s your equipment looking for this year? Do you need to replace anything? Do you need to fix anything before the season starts? Do you want to save money this year on parts for your equipment?

The answer is probably YES! Which is why you need to join us in Gearing Up for Sweet ’16.

Equipment Deals

You’ll need to stop by because of the Lowest Prices of the Year on the Best Brands that Professional Landscapers want. Great brands and great deals are what our one day sale is known for. Exmark, Scag, Stihl, Echo, Honda, Cub Cadet, Walker Mowers, Tru Cut Mowers, Little Wonder, Billy Goat, Ventrac… You want and need? We have!

Special prices. Special Financing rates. Bonuses that you can’t get the rest of the year. Make sure you go ahead and begin talking to your Howard Brother’s salesman now to start getting a game plan together for what your fleet needs.

Part Deals

The deals we offer during GearUp on Parts are unmatched. Make a list of the parts you regularly use and come by and stock up. Filters, Tires, Blades, Oil Mix… these are items that you will want to prepare for because the discounts will be worth it.

Want specifics? Well, you’ll have to sign up for an email reminder now about GearUp and we’ll send you an email before the sale with those specific offers. Don’t miss it.

Other Deals

As always, we have some deals that other power equipment dealers are unable to offer, because we are also a full service hardware store. Items from chemicals, boots, hand tools and other products will be on sale so that you can stock up and save.

Who, What, Where, When?

  • Who: All of us who are passionate about landscaping in the Atlanta and North Georgia Area
  • What: GearUP! The biggest sales event of the Year
  • Where: Go to YOUR local Howard Brothers store and hang out with us all day or just part of the day!
  • When: Wednesday, March 9th | 7am – Close. Stop by at lunch time and grab some lunch on us.


You made it this far on this post. How about you sign up for our email reminders about GearUp and we’ll enter you in for  $50 worth of Howard Bucks which you can use at the sale, or anytime you wish. We’ll draw a winner from each store, so make sure you enter in which store you shop at most often!

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