Georgia Boot – Achieve

I love this video that our friends at Georgia Boot made. Check it out:

We live in a great land. Look around . You’ll see natural monuments Chiseled by glaciers, shaped by running water, forged by a higher power. You will also see man made monuments carved, crafted and created by mortal hands. The hands of our grandfathers, brothers, sons and sisters. They use their hands as tools. They build the monuments of our lives. Built with sweat, heart and pride. At Georgia Boot we support these monument builders. We help them do their jobs better, safer, more comfortably and more productively. So work on. Hold your head high. Be proud every day of what you have accomplished. – Georgia Boot

We’ve been so proud to be a Georgia Boot dealer over the years. It is a fantastic product. We sell a lot of boots and work shoes to our landscape professional customers. They are able to do their jobs better, safer, more comfortably and more productively because of the boots that they wear!

Check out our selection of Georgia Boots online on sale. If there is a style or size that we don’t have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We special order nearly once a week for our customers between our 3 stores in Doraville, Duluth and Oakwood.

Georgia Boot - Achieve
Georgia Boot – Achieve
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