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Never driven a Walker Model C? Give it a shot – you might like what you see. Request a free demo of a Walker Mower from one of our 5 stores in Alpharetta, Athens, Doraville, Duluth or Oakwood.

We all know, seeing is believing, but what is even better than seeing is actually getting to experience
The Walker Advantage first hand. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your demo.

1. Don’t hesitate

Walker demos are completly free and there is no obligation to buy. No high pressure sales—we simply demonstrate the equipment, answer your questions, and make suggestions along the way.

2. Pick your location

You will truly experience what owning a Walker will be like if we bring a mower to a property you mow regularly. Every property presents unique challenges and seeing how a Walker can meet those challenges head on makes all the difference.

3. Take your time

The average demo takes about 2 hours. We will walk through all the features of the Walker Mower and Deck, provide you a quick lesson on operating the Walker, and give you time to operate the machine yourself. We encourage everyone interested in the Walker to take their time, grow accustomed to operating the machine, and mow the whole lawn.

4. Get some variety

Not sure which Walker is right for you? Tell us about which models you are interested in along with the mowing conditions you regularly face and we will bring a couple options out for you to experience.

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