Get the Leaves Off Your Lawn!

I love this time of year. Fall in North Georgia is quite possibly the most beautiful time of the year. With mild weather, changing leaves, and abundance of pumpkins, apples, and other fall harvested fruits and veggies, what’s not to love about fall?

Well there is one thing – all those leaves that have been changing colors will start falling from the trees and will soon be sitting on your lawn.

Now it may be tempting to ignore these pesky leaves, or just wait until next week when more of their friends fall from the trees to join them on your otherwise beautiful lawn. However, getting those leaves off of your lawn sooner than later can help you maintain the health of your lawn and mean less work for you in the long run. Neglected leaves on your lawn may mean you’ll have to nurse your sun-starved grass back to health.

The longer the leaves sit, the more matted together the leaves will become and the less your lawn will be able to get the oxygen and sunlight that it needs.

off-lawnSo… It is time to use your best Clint Eastwood / Gran Torino impression… “Get off my Lawn!”

Getting leaves off your lawn doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore or even be terribly time consuming. If you have children, get them to help you. Make a game out of it, build a leaf pile and let them jump in it!

Or, don’t use a rake. Get a leaf blower to remove those leaves from your lawn even faster. Here are some quick links to products that we sell that you should consider:

You might even consider hooking up your bagger to your lawn mower and taking a little time to chop and vacuum them up. This would be an ideal time to create a compost bin. Making compost is good for your garden, wallet and the environment! It’s a simple way to practice organic gardening since you will reduce, reuse and recycle waste to maintain a healthy, beautiful garden. Adding compost to your garden can prevent plant diseases, reduce or eliminate the need for fertilizer and revitalize soil to encourage growth of your plants and flowers. Click here to learn more about creating a composting bin.

Whatever you do, don’t harm your grass later by ignoring the leaves that are falling on it now.

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