Great Price on Poly Scrub and Coco Scrub Hand Cleaner Online Orders

Did you know that we sell Poly Scrub and Coco Scrub Handcleaner from Spraynine online? We have great prices on 3.8lb and even 26lb tubs of the hand cleaner. We also sell the dispensers online.

Poly Scrub and Coco Scrub from Spraynine offers a powerful hand cleaner with “pennines per use” cost savings! Features Spray Nine Brand’s Poly Scrub and Coco Scrub “paste type” Hand Cleaners. Products do not contain pumice, harsh solvents, or overly abrasive materials. Poly Scrub is lemon-lime scented and lime green in color. Coco Scrub is Coconut scented and light yellow in color. Both products are very user friendly, helping to prevent over-drying of the hands, while providing an economical solution to hand cleaner over-head costs.

Check out our online e-commerce site Tools2You for prices and selection on Poly Scrub and Coco Scrub Hand Cleaner

Our prices online are very competitive and one of the first and only places online to sell this hand cleaner. Of course we also have them in our stores too in Doraville, Duluth and Oakwood, but we often ship world wide for folks who know the quality of this handcleaner.

Click here to visit Tools2you for more information and how to order.


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