The Grill Barrow for your Big Green Egg & Ceramic Kamado Syle Cooker

We’ve had the Grill Barrow on display at our Duluth and Oakwood stores for about a month. They definitely grab some looks as people walk in the front door.


They are extremely Nice Niche. Wait… they’re really nice too, but let’s face it, they are VERY NICHE.

You’ve gotta LOVE your Big Green Egg or Ceramic Kamado Style Cooker (which most people do) BUT you ALSO have to have the occasional need to MOVE your Egg over a distance that would require safe transportation with ease of travel.

You just gotta see it in action:

You really just have to feel it to know how well built this thing is.

Why own a Grill Barrow?

Conventional tables are made to be stationary. Moving them a great distance is not an option Today’s tables are simply made to move around on your patio. The Grill Barrow is made to go where you do.

We have in stock two models. One for a Large Egg and one for an XL Egg.

Stop by one of our stores in Duluth or Oakwood and try it out. See what you think.

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