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Don’t attempt to work on your lawnmower using those old jacks and saw horses. It’s time for a trusted industrial lift that can keep you and your equipment safe. Handy Industries specializes as an American Manufacturer of lifts for Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles(Hey, don’t knock the snowmobile. Even in Georgia, we sold a snow blower last week. The next challenge is the snowmobile) and powersports equipment.

Can you imagine your husband’s excitement when he is working on his Motorcycle, ATV or lawnmower… he opens up the garage door so the neighborhood can see what he’s working on? We’ve got a great promotion going right now on Handy Lift Tables. If you just do a little bit of price checking on these, you’ll see how great these prices are.

Handy Air Lift Table – Model 10740

The Handy® Air Lift has a lifting capacity of 1000 lbs. and an 80in.L x 24in.W deck, making it ideal for working on motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, garden tractors and more! Constructed of solid 12-gauge steel and powered by air (90-100 PSI), the Air Lift can be used with or without accessories. A convenient foot valve allows easy up/down operation with intermediate stops, raising the table to a working height of 30in. and lowering it to 7in. for easy loading.

Check our price for the Handy Lift table – Model 10740

Handy S.A.M. 2 Air Lift Table – Model 16900

The S.A.M.2 Lift designed to lift bikes up to 1000 lbs. This lift was developed for bike professionals that needed a longer and wider work surface with the convenience of double drop panels for easy maintenance. The S.A.M.2 also has a maximum height of 35” and a longer ramp of 40” for lower built bikes. For expanding the width of the table to a full 48” the perfect add-on accessories are the four piece side extensions measuring 10” wide.

Check our price for the Handy S.A.M Lift table – Model -16900

Handy B.O.B. Lift Table – Model 14472

A bigger, broader and brawnier lift table! Foot-pedal operation uses 90-100 PSI of air to raise the table up to 40in. and lower it to 10in. Features a drop-out rear panel for tire changes. 11-gauge steel construction, 84in.L x 28in.W deck and 1500-lb. capacity make this the ideal lift table for those demanding jobs.

Check our price for the Handy B.O.B. Lift table – Model 14472

We also have accessories of all kinds in stock. We have the extensions and stands that will make this a truly remarkable gift. Remember, we don’t just sell them, we use them in all three of our shops in Doraville, Duluth, and Oakwood. Give us a call (770)476-3006 or contact us with any questions.

8 thoughts on “Handy Air Lift Tables on Sale Now”

  1. Hello I am looking to try to get a price for the Handy Sam 2 lift with the wheel vise? I am also wondering how much it would cost to ship it to Horseheads NY, 14845 (zip code), or do you have a store near here that I could pick it up at? Please email me back. Thank you!

    Mark Tellier

  2. price on Handy model 14472 listed at 1198.88 , I’d like to purchase and have shipped to Ohio. What is shipping cost and time? Ready to purchase immediately

  3. Richmond farm and garden

    Please quote price and delivery
    On 1500 lb lift
    Side ext
    Front ext
    Ramp if available
    Chain saw attachment
    Weed eater attachment

    We are lawn mower shop just opening up so we need a lot of info and cost
    Thanks mike


    What’s the best reasonable price lift table,for my
    46″ cub riding mower.


    1. Check out HandyLift online. We actually did stop selling them because our customers were getting better price direct than we could.

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