What is the Hardware Store / Outdoor Power Equipment Equivalent to a New Apple iPad Release

Most of the world is waiting on the edge of their seats for the Apple event today. We expect that there will be information about the new iPad 3.

This picture was posted to Apple’s website a few weeks ago and started the excitement about the event.Apple iPad excitement

It got me thinking about things in the hardware store and in the outdoor power business. Do we have something that people get equally excited about?

What is interesting to me is that almost everyone has a smart phone now, and it has become an everyday tool that we use. Tablets and laptops (and iPads) have become commonplace, too. Folks in all type of industries carry these tools around “in their tool belt” to accomplish the tasks of the day. Customers used to bring¬†rudimentary¬†drawings in of the faucet they’re trying to fix. Now they come in with pictures or video from under the sink… and most times they’ve already researched on YouTube how to fix their problem and what parts to go buy.

These are fun times.

We see advancement in battery technology in both power tools and gas powered tool replacements. We’ve seen advancement in fertilizers that are eco-friendly and produce less mess to use. We see technology like tankless water heaters becoming something that you can buy off the shelf and install yourself to replace old conventional tank water heaters. More folks are working on their own equipment and are getting lift tables for their motorcycle or equipment to put in their garage. More folks are getting excited about advancements in grilling technology and look to higher end grills such as Big Green Egg and Traeger. We’re seeing advancements in Fuel Injection for mowers and even going Propane on some tools.

These are things that we Hardwarians get excited about.

Are you interested in the new iPad? What technology advances in the DIY world excite you?

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