Hardware Store Valentine's Gifts for Him and Her

If you wanted to, I guess you could go with the regular old valentine’s gifts. Flowers, Jewelry, Chocolate, Stuffed Animals… All those items are great but how creative is it really? Not to mention the fact that as a guy, I wouldn’t want any of these things.

I saw that Independent We Stand has a statistic that the average person will spend $126.03 on gifts for their significant other for Valentine’s day! Wow!

If each person spent that $126.03 at a locally owned independent business rather than in a national chain, $86 would stay in the community thanks to local payrolls and taxes. More than $12.85 billion would be reinvested in local communities throughout the country. If each person bought their gifts only at national chains instead, that reinvestment number drops to $8.1 billion.

Can you imagine the effect you would have on the local economy if you bought your honey’s Valentine’s Day gifts from locally owned flower shops, card shops, chocolate shops, etc, etc? Don’t be a loser this Valentines – buy local.

Well, you may not have considered the fact that you can get some creative and even possibly romantic gifts for him or her at Howard Brothers.

How about some Power Tools for him or her? We’ve always got projects around the house that we’re working on. The right tools make it possible to get the job done sooner so that we can spend time with each other. The same can be said about Outdoor Power Equipment. Why would we want to spend countless hours maintaining our landscape when we could spend less time with the right equipment… so that we can in turn spend more time with those we love.

How about grilling out? For you Big Green Eggheads, we’ve got a full assortment of Big Green Egg Eggcessories. If we have the right accessories we can get extremely creative with the menus and meals that we fix for those we love. We can even extend our love to our friends and family and have them over for those meals. g

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors in their landscape, we have a brand new line of bird feeders, wind chimes and decorative pieces for your landscape. You can create a serene environment for you to enjoy.

How about giving that special someone a new pocket knife. We carry Kershaw, Case, SOG, Leatherman and Buck knives. He doesn’t want a stuffed teddy bear… he wants a knife.

So, whatever that ginormous expression of love is, remember to buy local.

Don’t be a Loser. Buy Local.

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