Help! My Grass is too tall to mow!

First of all, no it isn’t.




Alright. Let’s assess the situation.

Time has just plain gotten away from you. You’ve had too many little league games recently that have kept you from the chores at home. The other days that you’ve been home, we’ve had 3 inches of rain hit that evening.

Everyone else on your street has cut their yard, and every time someone drives past your yard… they slow down and wonder if you’ve moved out and didn’t tell anyone, or you’re planning on bringing goats into the neighborhood.

Your Honda Push Mower has even decided that it needs to go on strike because of the poor working conditions.

At first, the dads in the neighborhood were thinking of sending their kids up the street to cut it… but now they are worried that that their kids may literally get lost in the weeds and never return.

But the grass HAS to be cut. You can’t avoid it anymore.

Game Plan

If you decide to go after the grass with your mower, chances are you will become very frustrated. The grass may be too high for the mower to handle. The sheer quantity of debris will likely cause the blade to stop and stall the engine of your mower (Yes, even at the highest cut setting.) You can try to go extremely slow as you cut. You probably will need to cut the grass in very small increments. with a push mower, you can gently, slowly and safely raise and lower the handle of your mower so that you raise the front cutting deck of the mower. This will help, but you obviously can not do this with a riding mower.

Depending on the size of the area being cut, you will might want to attack it first with a string trimmer (some folks call them weed eaters.) Even here, you’ll want to be prepared for some frustration. You will probably use up a lot of trimmer line and your arms, shoulders and back will get some exercise. You will learn of muscles you didn’t know that exist. Of course, if you really want to get some exercise, you could get some old fashioned hand tools, like a sling blade to attack the taller grass and weeds.

Either way, you may want to run over it at different heights and different days to finally get the grass to a desirable height. Rake up the really tall debris so that you can cut again without having to worry about the quantity of clipping debris.

Depending on your equipment needs, you may have to resort to renting some equipment from a rental store. Make sure you understand the safety features and operating practices before using anything new.

If you have a large area or field where using a string trimmer alone is not realistic, you may want to find a brush cutter or “brush hog” to use.

Slow and Steady

You’ll feel much better after it is done, and you might even be able to let your dog outside again (or find your dog that went missing.)

All joking aside. The key is slow and steady. Just do it. Take your time.

When you are finished, you may want to have your mower serviced just to make sure that it is clean of debris, the blade is sharpened correctly and it is ready for the next time you need to cut the grass.

Which should be once or twice a week.


2 thoughts on “Help! My Grass is too tall to mow!”

  1. I feel a bit better now I have read through this i dud start with tthe strimmer but i don’t know how to put new wire in it so i put every think away git get stuck into it and the grass is yellow underneath will that eventually go green or do you know how to get it back to green thankyou

    1. Glad to hear. Hopefully you got your trimmer working again. Depending on the type of grass, it should rebound if kept up.

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