Quiet on the Set! – Is that a Generator I Hear?

You’d almost have to be under a rock to have missed the fact that film and TV production is booming in and around the city of Atlanta as well as the whole state of Georgia. Tax incentives as well as other financial benefits on top of great climate and just about any scenery backdrop have made Atlanta the Hollywood of the eastcoast. From the mountains, forests, farmland, swamps and coastal regions to urban landscapes, small town charm and every type of architecture, thousands of accessible locations are available for a production.

While these productions normally tap into existing power grids or use large tow behind tractor trailer size generators, oftentimes there is a need for small, convenient and quiet power.

Enter Honda Super Quiet Generators.

I saw this post on the Honda Generators Facebook Page:

While the big Peterbilt looms large, the little red Honda EU2000i does its job powering lights on the set of “Killing Season” currently filming in Georgia.

Honda EU2000i on the set of Killing Season
Honda EU2000i on the set of Killing Season

While I have no proof of it, I wonder if that Honda EU2000i was sold from one of our stores. (We put stickers with our logo on power equipment we sell. I wish the Howard Brothers Logo was visible)  We have had a great year selling Honda Generators. People buy them for recreation and reliability. They buy them for times that they know they are going to play and they buy them for times that they do not know that they will need them.

You can get Honda Power Equipment from lots of places, but with Howard Brothers you know you’ve got an authorized dealer who has been selling, servicing and stocking parts for many years. We are one of the largest Honda Dealers in the state of Georgia and the entire Southeast. We are proud to sell a quality product like the one that Honda brings to our customers.

Did you know you can check pricing and reserve a tool online? We’ll have it ready to go when you get here (although being one of the largest Honda Dealers means we’ve got the tool ready for you to touch if you were just to walk in unannounced.)

Click here to check Honda Outdoor Power Equipment Prices. You can get prices on Honda Generators for any of our Atlanta stores.

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