Honda's 130MPH Mower

Seems like everyone is talking about the Honda’s Mean Mower that was revealed over in the UK recently. I’ve seen it on Yahoo, Mashable, and too many to count other blogs and RSS feeds… I guess I should highlight it, too. You won’t find this mower at our store, but you’ll find each of it’s 12 cousins in the residential and commercial 21″ Honda Push Mowers.

As long as there are riding lawn mowers, there will always be guys who try to juice them up, but Honda has blown away all competition with its Mean Mower. It has a 1000cc motorcycle engine. It can mow at 130 miles per hour (although, getting that clean manicured lawn will be tough with this one… stick with the walk behinds) And it can go from 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds.

What do you get if you take one lazy Sunday afternoon, one British Touring Car champion and the world’s fastest lawnmower? Well here’s your answer…#meanmower

I mean this mower would make cutting the grass enjoyable, right? You might even want to do your neighbors a favor and cut their lawn.

Click here to learn more about Honda’s Mean Mower

Honda Mean Mower
I hope to be able to see this thing in person at the GIE EXPO in Louisville this fall!



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