Howard Brothers Ace Hardware

Yes. I purposefully wrote that title.

We are not Ace Hardware. We’ve been affiliated with True Value since 1972, and yet nearly every week we have searches online for “howard brothers ace” that result in folks finding our website. We’ve been a True Value for 41 years and yet we still get checks written to us made out to “Howard Brothers Ace Hardware.”

The best thing is that they know us as Howard Brothers. We’re the community hardware store that has been here longer than Home Depot and Lowes. We’ve been supplying the hard to find items to Norcross and Duluth residents and businesses for decades and have no reason to quit doing so.

Howard Brothers True Value Start Right. Start Here.
Howard Brothers True Value Start Right. Start Here.

Being mistaken for Ace, really isn’t really a bad thing. Atlanta is, of course, a transplant city. There aren’t too many of us who can say we were born and raised here. That’s just the nature of the city and state of Georgia. Ace Hardware and True Value Hardware both have a huge following and brand in other parts of the country. We know that there are people who move to Gwinnett and Hall County and all points in between who are looking for their local Ace or True Value.

And hopefully, they stumble across Howard Brothers.

Because we’re Family.

Family owned. Family managed. We think of each other as family, and we try to get to know our customers to the point that they will be family.

  • We want you to come to our store because you just bought a house in the neighborhood around the corner.
  • We want you to trust that any member of your family could come into one of our stores with a project’s supply list and know that we’ll treat them with respect and dignity.
  • We want to show you tips and tricks that can help make your lawn the best lawn in the neighborhood.
  • We want to see you at community events so that our relationship isn’t limited to just the four walls of our store. You’ll see us at festivals, church, the ball park, the running trails, the local coffee shop and restaurants.
  • We want to celebrate with you when you accomplish the items on your dream list.
  • We want you to put smoke and smells in the air from your grill that you purchased from us… so that your neighbors have to stop what they’re doing to figure out where that awesome aroma is coming from.

We try to anticipate your needs. That’s tough, but we know that you need a “goto” place for quality products. You need a place with a sales team who is truly knowledgable about their business and industry… but who are not pushy. You need a neighbor who has been there and done that and ready to share the “how to.”

You see, we’re trying to think of you first. We know that your expectations are high. We know that we fail sometimes, but we’re trying our best to deliver.

So, we’re not Howard Brother’s Ace, but we welcome all who search for us that way. You can just know us as Howard Brothers, and we hope that you’ll give us a chance to learn your name.


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