Howard Brothers Pro Day is Now Called GEAR UP!

It was 1992 that Howard Brothers held its first one day sales event. At the time, the landscaping industry in Atlanta was just beginning to take root. We held the event at the old Falcon’s Inn in Suwanee. Lawn tractors and push mowers were the big ticket items back then. At the time, we were a Toro dealer. Folks were using Snapper Rear Engine tractors to cut grass.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Pro Day” came a couple years later. Howard Brothers was one of the first Outdoor Power Equipment dealers in the country to put on a one day event that was geared primarily to our landscaping customers. For 16 years we rented out the North Atlanta Trade Center and had a Howard Brothers only show. Equipment dealers from all across the country came to Atlanta to set up booth spaces  to demo and sell new equipment. Over the course of those years, we built an event that was copied and implemented by many dealers across the country. Many of the financing and customer service programs that we developed are standard practice in the industry.

As we have grown to more locations and since 2010, we’ve held in store, 1 day, sales events. This has allowed us to channel a lot of the focus into the one on one customer interaction. Also, it allowed our customers to interact with the sales people that they dealt with every day in the store that they were most familiar. We offered the same deals but less frills.

But all our customers still call it “Pro Day.” It is amazing to walk the floor after the first of the year and hear folks ask, “When is Pro-Day?”

Absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, we are excited that folks still think of Howard Brothers when they think of Pro-Day. That being said, we want to introduce our landscaping customers to a new catch-phrase that we are calling the event.

gearup-shirtPro Day is now called Gear UP!

Internally, Gear UP means that we are preparing for new lawn care season in Atlanta. Our team is BUSY assembling Zero Turn Mowers, 2 cycle equipment, Tru Cut Reel Mowers…We are getting our folks trained up on the newest equipment that is hitting the market. They are looking at our products and competitor’s products. Gear UP means that our parts guys are reloading the bins with the parts you need to operate and clearing out the ones that you probably don’t need. Our Service technicians are Gearing Up by becoming re-certified on various brands that we sell. Gear UP means that our hardware team is getting ready to supply you with lawn tools, chemicals and other products that our commercial landscape customers use everyday.

For you, we know you are looking to upgrade your lawn equipment before the new maintenance and installation season starts. Spring is right around the corner, and you need to make sure you have reliable equipment that can get the job done.

We’re here to help you Gear UP for that season. We have the best pricing of the year. We have exclusive offers from our dealers and the brands you want.

So… This year’s Gear UP is Wednesday, February 13. Each of our 4 locations, Doraville, Duluth, Oakwood and our new store in Alpharetta will be having a party that day, and you’re invited to that party.

Click here, to find out specific deals that we’ll be having at the 2013 Gear UP.

Share it with your friends and let them know what’s going on.

See you there.


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