How's that E15 Gas Look Now?

We’ve mentioned many times before that new fuels with various amounts of ethanol are causing havoc on small engines, but did you hear the latest news about ethanol / E15 fuel and what AAA and 10 car companies are saying about the fuel?

Dangers of E15 Fuel for small engines
Dangers of E15 Fuel for small engines

Even though E15 (the higher blend of ethanol in gasoline) has been approved by the EPA and is being sold in some states today, consumers are being warned not to use it, because it could damage your car!

Here’s the kicker, BMW, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Kia, Mercedes-Benz and other car manufacturers are saying that they won’t warranty damage that is caused by E15 in cars produced before 2012. How about that?!

Watch the recent video with Melissa Francis on Fox Business

So… we’ve been telling you NOT to use E15 on any air cooled small engine, and now AAA and these auto makers come out and say that you probably should not use it on your car either.

All this is just to remind you that you really must develop a healthy fuel hygiene for your small engine lawnmower, string trimmer, generator, chainsaw… really all your outdoor power equipment. Spring is right around the corner and if you did not take the proper steps to winterize your lawn equipment then you need to be considering how to prepare your lawn mower for spring.

Don’t ignore your fuel. We see so many repairs that might have been avoided if a healthy fuel hygiene was adopted.

Perhaps you have a Honda Lawn Mower or ECHO String Trimmer and you want to get it ready for spring, now is the best time to do so. We can get you in and out now before the spring rush happens. If you wait till then, you will likely have a longer wait because of our service department volume,

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