Incredible Deal and Price on Demo Big Green Eggs For Atlanta Area


This Post was for Demo Eggs back in 2011… We’ve long sold out of these demo eggs… but we feel we have the best package price on Big Green Egg in the Atlanta area. Give us a call for more information (770-476-3006)

If you have been waiting to purchase a Big Green Egg because money was a little tight and you wanted a better deal, NOW IS THE TIME.

Demo Big Green Egg CheapWe just received in several demo Large size Big Green Eggs from the manufacturer. These were used one time at Eggtoberfest this past October in Atlanta. Believe me when I say again… THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE DEAL!

While supplies last you can become the new owner of a Large Egg. But wait there’s more!

You will receive a Large Nest along with your Large Egg. But wait there’s more!

You will receive an Ash Tool, Grill Gripper and Fire Starter in addition to the Large Egg and Large Nest. But WAIT There’s MORE!

We’ll throw in a bag of Big Green Egg Lump Charcoal too!

The Price is too good for me to advertise. In fact, I am not allowed to advertise it. Does that interest you?

Seriously, this is a FANTASTIC Deal.

First come First Serve. While Supplies Last. We have 5 of these and the WILL go fast. Right now they are only at our Duluth Location. Give us a call @ 770-476-3006 to reserve one.


You could be Preparing Thanksgiving Meal on this Egg this year.

Don’t miss this incredible offer.

Internet Policy:
There are no authorized internet retailers for Big Green Egg products. Purchasing and shipping any Big Green Egg product from an internet source will void the warranty associated with that product. For this reason, we do not sell any Big Green Egg Products online.

6 thoughts on “Incredible Deal and Price on Demo Big Green Eggs For Atlanta Area”

    1. Don’t give up. There are still some great deals if you buy between now and Christmas. Free Delivery and some ‘extras’ give us a call.

  1. im interested in a Large Green Egg. could you please forward me your best pricing. I live in Columbus ga and we don’t have any dealers here. thank you

    1. Hi Mel

      Give us a call. We’d love to be able to help you out. We can not (nor do we recommend) purchasing online and shipping, but if you were in the area, we could definitely sell you one that you could take back to Columbus.

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