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Do you know a small business that needs some recognition for how they deliver great customer service or for what they do in their community? You need to really consider nominating them with Independent We Stand for the Small Business of the Year Aword or “Indie.”

Independent We Stand Indie Award
Independent We Stand Indie Award

Independent We Stand is an organization that we have talked about several times in the past and really believe in. They support and work with small businesses, but more than that, they are on the front lines with independent and locally owned businesses to beat the drum of “buy local.”

If consumers will support locally owned businesses, it can help revive the local economy. Buying local products. Eating local their food. Use their services. In turn, these locally owned and operated businesses put that hard-earned income back into the local economy by way of taxes, payrolls and purchases. (source)

Howard Brothers was honored to be recognized in 2011 as a nominee for this award, but we also ended up winning as well. Last year, All Points Personal Transportation won. We want to encourage you to take a moment and think about that small business that has impacted your life.

Think about how difficult our economy has been and how that business has been there for you through thick and thin. If you know of such a company, please take the time to nominate that business and help us promote the importance of supporting locally owned small businesses. The winner will receive a host of great prizes provided by Independent We Stand, its sponsors and partners.

Prizes Include:

  • • $5,000 American Express Gift Card from Chrysler Group
  • • STIHL Equipment Certificate. – A certificate for $1000 worth of STIHL equipment good at any STIHL dealer in the US
  • • A New Website. The “Small Business Web Starter Package” from either Launch Interactive or ARI Network Services that includes custom layout design and programming of homepage and 5 additional pages, location page with Google map integration and web traffic reporting. Value $5,000
  • • 3 Days/Two Night stay at an independent beach resort hotel in Virginia Beach, a tour of the STIHL plant and museum and a gourmet dinner with the Independent We Stand team. Value $1,000
  • • Special plaque awarded to the winner to proudly display in their business.
  • • Public Relations and Social Recognition
  • • 5 Minute Video to be featured on the IWS YouTube Channel.
  • • Each Quarter and Semifinalist will receive a Premium Membership from Independent We Stand.


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