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You can’t escape the news about the economy in our nation. 2012 Presidential campaigning is in full swing. The candidates are debating and discussing jobs bills, tax reform, big government vs little government (vs NO government). Should we try to stimulate the economy by borrowing more against our future, or do we need to cut taxes (and therefore spending) so that businesses and individuals can drive the economy? Should we try to fix the problem at a federal level or a local level?

I know what you’re thinking, “What in the world does this article have to do with Howard Brothers Hardware?”

We are a part of a movement called “Independent We Stand.”

Independent We Stand is all about independently owned businesses across the country reaching out to their communities and educating their neighbors about the many benefits of “buying local.”

You can support the cause and help revive the local economy by shopping at your friends’ and neighbors’ stores. Buy their products. Eat their food. Use their services. In turn, these locally owned and operated businesses will continually pump your hard-earned dollars back into the local economy by way of taxes, payrolls and purchases.

This means more money for roads, schools, services and new jobs in your community.

Howard Brothers has been a part of the local landscape since 1955. In 1955, Edwin Howard purchased a small grocery store in Doraville, which was actually started by his in-laws in 1925.

In 1972 he branched next door and established Howard’s True Value Hardware. The second hardware store opened in Duluth in 1987. Soon the realization of the niche in Outdoor Power Equipment became apparent, and we jumped into that business with “both barrels”! This business has exploded to position Howard Brothers as one of the largest Outdoor Power Equipment dealers in the southeast, selling primarily to professional landscapers. Several building and property additions have been required to keep up with the growth. Realizing the growth northward of Atlanta, in 1999 we purchased another location in Oakwood. All three locations, Duluth, Doraville and Oakwood, now offer hardware as well as Outdoor Power Divisions with Parts and Service Departments.

This is our history, and we are very proud of it. We love the communities that we are in. Our friends and families live, work and serve here. Over the years, we’ve worked with and supported countless school groups, non profits, clubs, organizations and individuals that are like minded and doing things to improve the cities and communities that we are in.

We aim to offer shoppers a compelling shopping environment complete with an expanded selection in core categories that include: hardware, paint, plumbing and lawn equipment with parts and service. Serving the customer is the top priority at Howard Brothers. We focus on meeting the expectations of local residents and providing the community with all the products and services they need to complete their small home improvement projects as well as equipping the professional.

This is why Independent We Stand is such a fantastic movement to be a part of.

Did you know that if Every Family Spent an Extra $10 a month with a locally-owned, independent business instead of a national chain, over 9.3 Billion dollars would be directly returned to local economies. (Based on Civic Economics Andersonville Study of Retail Economics: When you spend $100 at an independent business, $68 returns to the local economy versus $43 when spent with a national chain. Based on U.S. Census projection of 115 million households.)

We’ll save you the math. Let’s look at those numbers from a local point of view. The following amounts would be directly returned to the local economies:

  • Doraville, GA – $332,683
  • Duluth, GA – $688,949
  • Norcross, GA – $239,578
  • Oakwood, GA – $97,757
  • Gainesville, GA – $825,302
  • Gwinnett County – $23,147,390
  • Hall County – $5,124,317

Ten Dollars can make such a huge difference in the immediate communities that we are in and in the surrounding towns too.

Ten Dollars.

Think of Howard Brothers next time you:

  • Need a propane tank refilled
  • Need a home or car key cut (We can do the automotive security keys too)
  • Need a box of screws
  • Need a gallon of paint
  • Need a pair of Carhartt Pants
  • Replace your lawnmower
  • Buy trimmer line for your weed eater
  • Need a toilet repair kit
  • Need a bag of concrete
  • Need gardening tools or supplies
  • Need a new pocket knife
  • Need a power tool or accessory

We invite you to check out one of our stores and experience a better kind of customer service than you usually get. While you’re at it, check out a local coffee shop, a local bookstore, a local sandwich shop and the many other local businesses that are supporting the community like we are. We’re doing our part to get the economy back on track.

Come Stand with Us!




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