January 2013 Bargains of the Month

I noticed this morning that the endcaps are switching over from some of the sale items we had in December to the new ones for January.

Let us see… I wonder what the new bargains of the month for January are from True Value. I bet that I could probably guess what they are without even looking at the sales paper. You our regular and committed customers can probably do the same thing.

I would guess that one of the items will be storage tote. We sell a LOT of storage containers in January as people are putting away their Christmas decorations. Is there a storage tote on sale?

True Value Bargain of the Month January Storage Tote
True Value Bargain of the Month January Storage Tote

Yep. 66qt container for $6.99 each. They apparently come in a variety of colors and have a latch on lid. I’ll be getting some of the green. Do you need any storage containers?

It seems like every January, True Value does a promotion on Bird Food. For the second item, I BET that one of 2013 True Value Bargain of the Month will be Bird Food. And I bet that they’ll sell two types. 1 will be the black oil sunflower seed and the other will be regular wild bird seed. Survey Says?

January True Value Bargain of the Month Bird Seed
True Value Bargain of the Month January Bird Seed

Two for two! You can either get the 10lb black oil sunflower seed for $5.99 or the 20lbd Wild Bird Food for $5.99. (That’s a $1 less than last January by the way)

Alright… number 3. I would guess that batteries would appear on the list again this year, but we’ve had so many battery sales this year that there is a good chance that True Value brings out an item that is non standard for us. I have no idea. Let’s find out…

True Value Bargain of the Month January Dogfood
True Value Bargain of the Month January Dog food

Hey. That’s different. 47lb of beef flavored dry dog food from Alpo for $18.99. This stuff is normally priced for $24.99 from True Value, so you’re able to save $6 on this Bargain of the Month. Rover will eat well. If he likes Alpo Prime Cuts dog food that is.

We hope to see you soon. Be sure to check out our other end cap specials while you’re here.

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