John Howard – "Being Associated with Independent We Stand"

A few weeks ago we shared a video shot by Independent We Stand, that Doug Howard starred in. Today, we can share one of John Howard’s video that was shot on the same day.


Howard Brothers won the Indie award in 2011 from Independent We Stand. The benefits of buying local are so well documented. When you support a locally owned business you ensure that more money stays in the local economy and community.

John Howard - Independent We Stand Video

2 thoughts on “John Howard – "Being Associated with Independent We Stand"”

  1. First, I would like to thank Howard Brothers and John Howard,whom gave us the opportunity 9 years ago to prove ourselves as a small business in the Oakwood community,since then Clark’s Woodwork has been able to grow and network with them and other businesses in the surrounding areas.We are firm believers in shopping locally and supporting our community and local markets.Our family and business is based on those princibales and stand firmly on supporting small businesses,our customer and the American Way! “The Way!” x_Barry T. Clark

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