If John Travolta sold Honda Lawn Mowers at Big Box Hardware

You’ve done all the research. You know that your lawn is going to look nicer if you begin cutting it with a Honda Lawn Mower.

You Google Honda Lawn Mowers Atlanta and you find out that you have some options.

Why would you EVER go to a Big Box Store to get it?

Really. Do you think that you’re gonna get the same level of knowledge and service as you would get at an authorized Honda Dealer who stocks their full line of products? Don’t you want to deal with folks who actually stock parts and actually service the products that they sell? Don’t you want it assembled, tested, explained and demonstrated to you before you leave the store?

Visualize the employee who just received his apron that morning and is selling you the mower.

Sorta reminds me of John Travolta introducing Idina Menzel at the Oscars. No Clue.

Instead of Honda Lawn Mower… you’re likely to get Hadema Lu Cutter.


Our sales team knows what we’re talking about and will listen to your needs. We’ll make sure that you are comfortable with the product, and we’re here to celebrate with you and coach you after the sale.

Don’t buy your power equipment from a Big Box Store.


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