July True Value Bargains of the Month

A new month means that True value has 3 new products on sale this month. The bargains of the month this month can help you stay cool, help you breathe better, and help you clean up after that July 4 cookout later this week.

It is hot. Atlanta just celebrated recognized experienced the hottest temperature recorded in Atlanta. If you’re like me, you probably worry about your Air Conditioner keeping up with the high temps. What better time to pick up a 27″ tall 3-speed oscillating tower fan. On sale this month for $17.99.

True Value Bargain of the Month Tower Fan

Not only did we have the extreme high temperatures last week, but we also experienced some code purple air quality days in the city of Atlanta. It made me think at least once or twice about my air filters in the house. True Value has a lot of the common sizes in 2 packs for $7.00. These are the 3M filtrete type. Time to pick up a pack.

The last item is great if you create trash. If you are the type of person who is just generally clean and doesn’t produce trash, then you don’t need this. And if you are this type of person… how do you do it. I’m amazed by the amount of trash my family produces in a week. We’ve even got better at our recycling and still manage to fill up the 50 gallon rolling can that we get from the trash company. I’ve been thinking a backup can would be good to have for those weeks when we have overflow. $12.99 for a 32-gallon wheeled trashcan.


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