Karcher Pressure Washers Now In stock

I spotted a new product assortment in the Duluth and Oakwood Hardware stores this week that caught my eye. We have a great selection of Karcher presure washers and accessories that will benefit both the heavy commercial user and the homeowner.

If you’ve always wanted a reasonable priced but strong pressure washer for those occasional jobs around the home, this may be the project for you. The base model pressure washer kits range from as low as $99 to $299.  We have five models to choose from:

In addition to the pressure washers, we also have some specific project accessories such as the Karcher rotating wash brush, the Karcher Deck/Driveway brush, the Karcher Patio/deck attachment and other Karcher accessories such as wands and cleaners.

Add one of  these pressure washers to your fleet of tools at home and you’ll be able to say goodbye to the garden hose nozzle. You can clean your car better, clean the deck and driveway better, clean the siding better… the posibilites are great.

Seems like this should be one of our 12 Gifts of Christmas!

Give us a call or come check them out for yourself.


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