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Most people know that we are authorized dealers for brands such as Exmark, STIHL, Walker, Ventrac, Echo, Honda and Scag. There are a lot of other brands that we represent that don’t get talked about as much, but they are still a big part of why the commercial landscape professional considers Howard Brothers the “goto” place in Atlanta.

We are also authorized dealers for Kesmac. Kesmac Brouwer is well known in the turf industry. They offer a variety of products that fit specific landscaping needs in sod farms, golf courses, sports fields, and much more.

One of the products that we sell regularly in Duluth is the Kesmac KTR30 Turf Roller. It is a walk behind turf foller. The traction drum and rounded edges is gentle on turf. It is easy to operate and maneuver in tight places. The handle folds for easier transportation and storage.

If you’re installing new sod, rolling it is critical to the process. Manual rollers often will only weigh 150 to 300 pounds after the weight is added and then that weight is distributed across the surface of the roller itself. Imagine you are the one pusing that 300 lb roller over the entire surface of the lawn. You are causing more damage to the surface by digging in with your feet to get power and leverage. The Kesmac roller is self propelled and can be done with fingertip control. Not only is it better for your ground and new sod, but it is better and safer on the user.

Check out the video from Kesmac for more information:

If you are interested in the KTR30 Turf Roller or any of the other products from Kesmac, let us know. It is well made and well priced.

Kesmac KTR-30 Turf Roller
Kesmac KTR-30 Turf Roller


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