Massive Fastener Inventory

I had the opportunity to help a gentlemen at our Doraville store today. He needed eighteen 1 inch by 6 inch bolts. He had a new piece of equipment that he was setting up. He was using the fasteners as reinforcements to some legs that had been destroyed in shipping.

Did he call first to see if we had them before he came over? No. He knew better.

I’m not sure of the exact numbers, but between our 3 stores in Doraville, Duluth and Oakwood, I am confident we have more fasteners in stock than any other retail store in metro Atlanta. From tiny wood screws to 2″ diameter bolts. English Metric. Anchors. Stainless. Chrome. Brass. Nylon. Going in concrete, sheet metal, wood, drywall. We have it.

At first, it may be pretty intimidating to step inside one of our fastener departments, however, we are here to help. Our folks have a knack for listening to you and visualizing what it is that you need. Even if you don’t know what the name of the hard to find fastener is, we can help you.

It really is impressive. It is one of the critical departments that has helped make Howard Brothers who we are.

We’re like the lego store with endless bins and trays of bolts and nuts!

If you need, Give us a call. We ship hard to find fasteners all the time. Or, just come in and let us help.

  • Doraville: 770-449-1819
  • Duluth: 770-476-4006
  • Oakwood: 678-450-0500


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