Master Mechanic Swift Driver Dual-Drive Ratcheting Screwdriver

When I first saw this tool being discussed behind the scenes from the folks at True Value (Master Mechanic is True Value’s Private Label… think Craftsman for Sears) I must admit that I rolled my eyes slightly. Another ratcheting screwdriver. Way to go True Value, you came up with something that has been on the market for a couple decades.

However, when I saw the video of the Dual Drive Ratcheting Screwdriver, I paused and got interested. It IS different.

It is a new twist on an old tool. Master Mechanic dual-drive screwdriver employs a patented gear drive ratchet design that doubles your screwdriving efficiency. Drives the screw when you turn the handle clockwise AND counter-clockwise. Watch the video to see how.

The tool comes as a 29-pc. set which includes a flexible shaft extension and multiple bit sizes for a variety of applications. Includes 7 phillips, 3 slotted, 4 hex, 3 square, 4 star, 6 SAE nut driver bits, and bit case. Ergonomic handle has a non-slip rubber grip and can store bits.

  • Patented gear drive ratchet doubles driving efficiency
  • Dual molded handle for comfort
  • With flexible shaft extension
  • Includes 27 bits for variety of applications
  • This isn’t your father’s screwdriver!
  • Exclusive to True Value

This tool is very innovative and the design is incredible. If Apple came out with this, they’d call it the iDriver. Be the first one on your block to pull this out and show it off to your neighbors.

We’ve got a display in each of our stores that allows you to get your hands on the tool and try it out. It is on sale for $19.99

Master Mechanic Dual-Drive Ratchet Screwdriver

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