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We’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from you, our customers, about our new website and the online communications that we’ve been improving over the past year. We really wanted our online presence to be a hub of information for anyone who wanted to get more information about Howard Brothers.

Howard Brothers Mobile SiteAs you know, the online world has to be mobile ready. We wanted to make sure that our site would work with most mobile devices. Up until now, our main website rendered nicely for most mobile devices. You could navigate any of the sections of the site and get to the content that you wanted, however, that wasn’t actually a “Mobile” site. We’ve been monitoring the amount of traffic that visits our site and have seen a definite increase in traffic from mobile users, therefore, we knew we wanted to create a specific version of our site that would be more helpful to the mobile user.

By far, the busiest pages on our website that were being accessed by mobile users were our contact information pages and maps and directions. We also saw a large number of visitors who were reading our posts from a mobile device. This makes sense when you think about it. Most folks are probably in their car or out and about and need quick access to us. We wanted this content to be front and center and easily available on the mobile site.

Most smart phone users have some type of social media app on their phone and use their phone to share online and in the world experiences. We also added the ability for our mobile site visitors to easily read and share our latest news, events and posts that we think are relevant. We added quick access to follow us on various social media sites such as twitter, facebook and Youtube.

All this being said, we still included a way that you could visit the main site if needed. The mobile site is just a slimmed down version that is more optimized for your mobile device.

We’re excited about our online presence. We’re busy working on an online eCommerce store that will be coming soon which will allow you the opportunity to browse and shop our actual inventory online.

Check it out and let us know what you think.


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