Are Mosquitos Feasting on you this Summer?

There are four members of my family. My wife and I and our two daughters really do enjoy spending time outside when we can. My youngest daughter and I seem to have a greater problem with bugs and bug bites than my wife and older daughter. Mosquitos seem to be more attracted to us and we often come away with many visible bites on our arms, legs, and faces.

Mosquito PestsAre you like us? What do you do? I must admit that I don’t take an extremely aggressive approach in combating the bugs and their bites. Of course, we use bug repellant like OFF!®. That tends to help, but if you’re wanting to hang out on the deck for longer periods of time or go off where you’re likely to get wet and dirty (which is where more of the bugs will probably be) what do you do?

True Value has a good selection of products to help take the bite out of summer. They’ve organized the various products in an easy way that can help you develop your own strategy based upon your need.

It is time to Declare War on the Pests in your Yard.

I’ll see you in the trenches.


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