The Trolls are Coming

I was on vacation last week. A week at the beach in the same condo we’ve been using for the past 15+ years. I knew several things before I left Atlanta to head to Ormond Beach:

  1. The WIFI was going to be awful at this particular condo. Usable? Yes. Frustrating? Yes. But I knew I could live with it.
  2. I knew that seafood was going to be fantastic. There are several great #buylocal eateries down there, and I would frequent several of them.
  3. I’d be able to watch more TV in a given week than I normally do at home. Which leads me to this particular blog post.

I saw a TON of commercials over the past week about the animated movie Trolls which comes out later this fall.

What does this have to do with Howard Brothers and Hardware?


True Value Hardware has partnered with DreamWorks to create custom colors based upon several of the movie’s characters. Will you and your children love the movie? Probably so. It is already getting reviews that say it will be bigger and greater than Shrek. Who doesn’t love that Ogre and his sidekick, Donkey?

Will your children want some of the¬†troll dolls which you probably played with in the 80s? Yeah… probably so. Would they love it if their rooms were painted in a scheme like one of the main characters in the movie? You Bet!

True Value Paint has these colors specifically named and color matched for you. We sell True Value Paint in our Doraville store and you can get any of the colors you need in durable paint which will last you for years (or at least until your children decide they want different colors.)

Now, I should point out that we sell Benjamin Moore paint in our Duluth and Oakwood stores. If your child wants Feisty Fuchsia or Poppylicious (or any of the other 24+ colors) we can also color match these colors in Benjamin Moore Paint at our Duluth and Oakwood stores.

Let your children express themselves. Help them find their True Colors with DreamWorks Trolls Color Paint!



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