Muck Boots in Oakwood

Another new product has hit the shelves in Oakwood, and they’re not sitting still long.

We’re now a Muck Boot dealer and currently have 4 styles in stock that are really popular in North Georgia.

 What makes Muck Boots so great is that they are 100% waterproof. They keep feet warm and dry in harsh and messy weather. Muck Boots are geared for cold, wet, muddy, miserable conditions.

The secret:

  • Our exclusive, self-insulating, waterproof NEOPRENE shell construction. The NEOPRENE bootie material acts as a “neutral medium” between inside and outside temperatures. Naturally lightweight, and very comfortable, the material keeps the foot and lower leg warm and protected in cold and wet conditions.
  • Natural rubber overlays act as a protective skin for the upper bootie. The upper has a triple-reinforced toe area and quadruple-reinforced heel area. The outsole is made of high abrasion natural rubber. The rubber in the boots will stay flexible for years.




We currently stock 4 models at our Oakwood store We stock:

  • Muck Boot Woody Max
  • Muck Boot Wetland
  • Muck Boot Chore Boot
  • Muck Boot Chore Hi Boot

Come in and try some on. Your feet won’t get wet and cold again while outdoors in the ‘muck.’

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