Natura Zero VOC Paint by Benjamin Moore

Around our household we’ve got allergies. Not horrible mind you, but we’re all sneezing almost all the time. When I’m at the office and I’m talking to folks on the phone, I almost am always asked, “Are you sick?”

“No,” I reply, “I always sound like this.”

But even with all that, I have it easy. There are people who are severely effected by their allergies. Environmental allergens are a constant worry and concern. The addition of any fumes or smells are carefully considered.

Tonight as I was watching TV, I saw this ad.

First of all, I love these ad campaigns which Benjamin Moore paint have created. There are a few other spots like it… which I think I’ll create separate posts for, in which we’re reminded that, Benjamin Moore Paint… Isn’t Just Paint.

ben-moore-natura-howardbrothersWe sell Ben Moore at our Duluth and Oakwood stores, but we don’t stock this Natura product. BUT we can order it, and generally get the paint in within 2-3 days if needed. The great this is, you can stop by and get sample cans in any color that you could possibly want from Benjamin Moore, and we can then order the right paint for your project.

As more folks are asking for Natura, we will eventually get it in. It was made with environments like hospitals in mind where Odors need to be virtually non-existent. But this paint also has Certified asthma & allergy friendly™

Natura comes in Flat, Eggshell and Semi-gloss sheens, so you are able to have the finished surface look that you desire.

Stop by and grab a sample can, or if you don’t need Natura, check out the other product lines of Benjamin Moore paint which we have.


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