Need a Quote on Makita Power Tools?

When you think of Makita Power Tools, do you think about your locally owned, family owned, small business that sells Makita… has been selling Makita longer than most Big Box stores or Bloated Supply companies have been in business? Probably not.

makita toolsOnce upon a time, Howard Brothers was one of the largest retail stores of Makita in the area. Back when the building boom was slamming Atlanta, we were THE PLACE to go for any Makita tool that wasn’t on the pallet racking at Big Box. We had the really unique Makita products that might only sell 5 to 10 times a year, but they were in stock.

Over the years, that hasn’t really changed, but people have changed… and the Internet changed the way power tools are purchased.

Yeah, we used to do the woodworking shows each year and built a HUGE business on Makita woodworking tools, but that has changed too. Woodworking shows are almost out of business because the dedicated woodworkers buy most of their tools online instead of supporting the small business.


All this is to say that we are STILL IN THE MAKITA BUSINESS!

  • We still have one of the largest selections of power tools in the area.
  • We still have knowledge that most stores don’t.
  • We still have an incredible relationship with Makita (their warehouse is in out backyard) and place will call orders with them all the time.
  • We still have a HUGE selection of parts in stock for Makita Power tools.
  • We still provide quotes to large businesses and municipalities for small and large orders of Makita Power tools!

So what does this mean?

Do you need a quote on any Makita power tool? Let us know. Let us source it, quote it, ship it to you. Don’t continue to be frustrated by Big Box and Some Supply. Give us a shot to become your goto for Power tools.

(By the way, You Milwaukee Tool Buyers… we’re looking at you, too)

You can check out some of our Makita tools here, but if you don’t see it, let us know what you want.


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