New Product to Hit Howard Brothers Shelves: SodaStream

When it comes to new products, we can’t help but to get excited! We’ve mentioned it before and we’ll mention it again. Howard Brothers proudly stands behind all of the because we sell simply because we care about quality for our customers. That is why our latest addition to the shelves is such a big deal to us. Presenting: SodaStream Fizzi! Who doesn’t love a nice carbonated drink after a long day? And now with health concerns on the rise, you won’t have to worry about adding excess sugar or calories to your diet. This sleek machine will turn your water to sparkling water. We’ll even be selling different flavored drink mixes to add to your sparkling water for added awesomeness, but don’t worry. Each drink mix is naturally flavored and lightly sweetened with natural sugars. ¬†With only 45 calories or less and no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, SodaStream Waters Fruits are a healthier alternative.

Easy to Use

So you’ve probably heard of a Keurig, right? If you haven’t, it’s a simple machine that has made making coffee as simple as pushing a button! That’s what SodaStream has done for sparkling water. Not only does this machine have a pretty and sleek design that looks good in any modern kitchen, it’s also very easy to use. The three steps are:

  1. Fill your bottle.
  2. Press the Fizz Button and listen for the 3 puff sounds.
  3. Enjoy! (If you decide you want to buy additional flavors, adding the mix to your drink would be number 3. )

Watch the demonstration below.

Get Your Own Starter Kit

Howard Brothers will start selling the SodaStream Fizzi within a week or 2, feel free to check in with any of our hardware locations to see if they’re in. When you purchase your own SodaStream Fizzi, the package will contain:

  • Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker
  • 1 Liter BPA-free Reusable Carbonating Bottle
  • 60L CO2 Cylinder (makes up to 60L of sparkling water)

Be sure to try any of their delicious flavors too! With over 40 different flavors and drink mixes, you’ll never get bored. You can choose between: Original Flavors, Regular, Diet, Naturally Sweetened, Energy, and Flavor Essences. View your options here. Howard Brothers will carry a variety of these different flavors so check us out when they come!

We can’t wait for you to try them out and see just how amazing this product is! Remember, next month we plan on displaying these bad boys in our Ladies Night event in our Oakwood Location next month. We may just have a few prizes in store….

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